UI mini-projects

UI mini-projects

designing to push creative boundaries

Sign up page for a co-working space

For this challenge, I wanted to explore sign up pages and form controls. I believe synergy benefits creatives, so I designed a sign up page for a co-working space targeted to creative professionals.

I explored various states of form controls that would be essential for the website. 

For the sign up page, I prioritized social sign up with Google because most freelancers I know use Gmail for work. I also included an image of the workspace for branding.



Feature article in a men's lifestyle magazine

I focused on typography in this exercise. For the magazine name, I chose Playfair Display to match the bold and masculine theme. I picked Karla for the body font for it's wide and rounded lettering.

Selecting a serif font was a challenge! After experimenting with Cardo and Lora, I finally settled on Vollkorn because it was the most modern serif option of the three and paired well with Karla.

For the accent typeface for pull quotes, Rajdhani was my first choice. I later picked DIN Condensed which provided more contrast with it's lean lettering.