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Landing page

Designing a landing page for an activity finder mobile app


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project details

Timeline: 8 weeks
Team: Solo
My role: Visual designer, UI designer
Objective: This project was for a visual design course at General Assembly. We were tasked with designing high-fidelity desktop and mobile landing pages for a product that solves a personal challenge.


Planning family activities is time-consuming

Parents want to spend quality time with their children and find the process of finding kids' activities and events tedious. It involves checking the weather, determining how long they want to spend on an activity, visiting multiple websites (for e.g. museums, theaters etc.), determining commute time and transportation, purchasing tickets, researching nearby restaurants and coordinating with friends and family.


A mobile app that helps families discover and plan activities

Cherish enables parents and those caring for young children to easily find activities and assists with planning.



                                                             Activity wireframes (collapsed and expanded)

UI Style Guides


  • nightcharges (Vecteezy.com)
  • momentbloom (Vecteezy.com)
  • twilightmoon (Vecteezy.com)
  • happymeluv (Vecteezy.com)